Mobile Business Intelligence (Mobile BI) is software that allows BI data to be viewed on a mobile device. Mobile BI has just recently become popular among BI users, and is helpful for remote workers that need information but do not have immediate access to a computer. For example, a sales executive may need to view important data while at a conference away from their office.

Balance Sheet

Mobile BI applications allow users to view dashboards, reports, and KPIs on the go. Workers can use these to make decisions and share ideas while on the road. Additionally, some mobile BI applications allow users to edit their reports from their mobile device, making the mobile BI software almost as versatile as the main software.


Making BI available on a mobile device presents a new set of security measures that must be implemented. If someone loses their phone, a company should not have to worry that whoever finds it can access any important information. Additionally, the mobile devices need to be protected from people attempting to hack into their system.

Most mobile BI software has strict authorization, only allowing access to specific users. How much information is shared to the mobile device can also be controlled. All the security measures on the main BI software are usually implemented in the mobile device, including authentication and encryption.

The Future of Mobile BI

As the capabilities of smartphones are growing, so is the potential of mobile BI applications. The mobile workforce is increasing, and as mobile BI applications gain new features, the demand for them will continue to increase as well.