Seamless onboarding and customer success are at the heart of how we serve our enterprise customers around the world. Thanks to several years of experience in reporting and analytics, we’re able to offer a series of training programs – customized to suit the specific needs of your business.

At Orbit, we have got the experience of serving customers from many different sectors, at varying stages of their Business Intelligence (BI) journey. We leverage this experience to design relevant training programs.

Customized Tutorials

We train our customers – both IT teams and business users – based on their enterprise’s specific needs. During our training, we also train your users on relevant reports and dashboards needed by your enterprise.

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Customer Success

A leading Texas-based county college and a Health Sciences University in Oregon State uses among many of the customers that use Orbit for their end-to-end operational and analytics needs.

Contact us to know more about how we can serve schools, colleges, and higher education institutions.

Training on Pre-Built Reports and other capabilities

During our onboarding process, we help our customers understand the wide range of features in Orbit and our unique plugins. We also help business users understand the pre-built content we have. The goal of this exercise is to ensure a smooth and efficient onboarding experience for the customer.

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Operational Reporting & Analytics Training

The key to the success of any BI effort is to ensure the customer derives immediate value in terms of ROI. Orbit is designed to help our customers with operational reporting and analytics based on high-volume data from ERPs and a wide range of data sources. Our training process will also help you with designing the easiest way to connect with multiple data sources.

Contact us to know more about how we can serve schools, colleges, and higher education institutions.



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