Automatic Conversion of Oracle Discoverer Reports

You shouldn’t need to put your operations on hold when you replace your Oracle Discoverer reporting tool. Orbit comes with an Oracle Discoverer migration assistant that converts all the Discoverer reports, ensuring quick time to value.

Oracle Discoverer Has Reached Its End-of-Life

It’s Official. As of June 30, 2017, Oracle discontinued its extended support for Discoverer. And it’s been nearly a decade since Oracle has offered new features or product enhancements for it. Oracle will no longer provide bug fixes and patches, as well as certifications with Oracle products, web browsers, or operating systems.

If you haven’t yet replaced Oracle Discoverer with a new reporting platform for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), you are putting yourself at risk. Relying on dated technology could expose you to bugs and security threats. And the simplest of changes, such as an upgrade of your internet browser, can make your Discoverer reports inaccessible. Losing access to mission-critical reports could severely impact your business operations.

Now is the time to migrate to a new reporting tool and discover the best Oracle Discoverer replacement.

Our Oracle Discoverer Replacement Drives Greater Value from EBS and Other Enterprise Data

Save Significant Time and Money

There are many solutions in the market that claim to be Oracle EBS reporting tools. But most of these reporting tools don’t easily integrate with Oracle EBS. This makes migrating your Discoverer reports a slow and painful process.

With most tools, you need to manually migrate hundreds, or even thousands, of reports and convert your end user layer (EUL) into a format that is compatible with your new platform. Depending on your number of Discoverer reports, this process can take anywhere from a few months to a few years when handled by a dedicated team of experts.

Orbit includes a free Oracle Discoverer migration wizard that automatically converts your reports – so you won’t need to worry about losing access to them when you move to a new reporting system.

Jumpstart Your Oracle Discoverer Replacement with Pre-Built Reports and Content

Orbit includes more than 1,000 pre-built Oracle Financials, Supply Chain, and HCM reports. This pre-built content allows you to get up-and-running quickly – saving hundreds of hours of manual labor. Orbit’s reports provide an array of business views, and you can always customize them to meet your needs.

Take Advantage of Self-Service Reporting and Analytics

With Orbit reporting, you don’t need to turn to IT every time you want to run or modify a report. After you convert your Discoverer reports, you can enjoy Orbit’s self-service reporting features.

For example, you can create both operational and ad-hoc reports in just minutes – from within Oracle EBS, Microsoft Excel, or through Orbit directly.

You can also create visualizations – such as charts, graphs, and maps – that help you quickly and easily interpret raw data from Oracle EBS or other sources. After you create a visual, you can click it to drill down to the lowest level of detail and gain deeper insights.

Then, you can export your reports to Excel, PDF, or other formats and share them with your co-workers. You can also schedule reports to run on a recurring or one-time basis to align with your month-end processes, internal planning needs, or when new data becomes available.

Orbit in Action: Genworth

Genworth, one of the largest financial services companies in the world, needed an enterprise reporting solution that could easily convert its Oracle Discoverer reports and seamlessly integrate with Oracle EBS for improved reporting.

Genworth selected Orbit as its Oracle Discoverer replacement solution. Orbit’s self-service reporting and analytics capabilities made it much easier for the company’s global users to get the data they need – when they need it.

Genworth also chose Orbit for its robust security governance framework. This allows Genworth’s IT team to easily manage rollouts that support self-service reporting and analytics for both on-premise and cloud-based applications.

Replacing Discoverer in Oracle EBS & Custom Applications


Replacing Discoverer in Oracle E-Business Suite and Custom Applications