Orbit Oracle Cloud ERP Data Pipelines

Reliably process and move data from Oracle Cloud ERP and other business systems with Orbit Data Pipelines.

In the world of data and analytics, we’re no strangers to the phrase Data Explosion. Enterprises today use many data sources – ERPs, CRMs, several SaaS tools, data from IoT devices and sensors, etc; For companies in the Oracle ecosystem, there is Oracle Cloud ERP, Oracle Cloud SCM, Oracle Financials, and Oracle Cloud HCM. Each of these tools plays a key role in streamlining and automating your business operations.

Unify Data from Multiple Data Sources with Orbit Data Pipelines

Orbit’s Data Pipelines provides a seamless and efficient integration solution to move data from multiple sources to a central warehouse for BI and analytics. It is an ideal solution for complex data processing workloads, with reliability and high availability.

Secure and Reliable Data Pipelines
Orbit Data Pipeline for Unifying and Integrating Data

Key Benefits of Orbit Data Pipelines for Unifying and Integrating Data

Orbit’s Pipelines are designed for agility and efficiency 

Orbit Data Pipelines is an Oracle native, scalable and robust solution to move data from source to destination using the extract, load, and transform method to provide a holistic view of organizational data.
It can assimilate data from multiple Oracle data sources (and 200+ other sources)  and deliver them to target destinations in real-time for:

  • Drawing quick business insights
  • Organization-wide data synchronization
  • Providing secure and permission-based access aligned with Oracle authentication rules
  • Facilitating the generation of independent and automated reports across business functions and in different formats (Excel, PDF, and more)
  • Empowering business users with self-service reporting and analytics capabilities 

Secure and Reliable Data Pipelines

Our engineers have designed Orbit Data Pipelines to offer pre-built schemas and handle schema and API changes. We take care to ensure end-to-end security to prevent any compromise of your data. 

Our tools have been tested rigorously for robustness. We also monitor our data pipelines 24×7 for any failure. 

Orbit comes with more than 200 connectors covering all enterprise databases and applications. These connectors allow you to establish data source connections that will be used for authentication, authorizations, data security, interfaces, data ingestion and data extraction-related activities.

And, don’t worry, if you have a specific request for a connector we don’t have yet, we can build one for you! 

Data pipeline architecture

Why Orbit Data Pipelines for Oracle Cloud ERP Applications

Our data pipelines are quick to set up and intuitive to use. We do the heavy lifting, while the analytics team can focus on garnering insights and making business decisions. Some of the other reasons why customers choose Orbit’s Data Pipelines include – 

  • Our pipelines ensure safe data delivery. It ensures data integrity and avoids slippages such as broken records, corrupted files, or incomplete migration.
  • Improves productivity by enabling the scheduling of data sync jobs with built-in capabilities for retrying failed sync jobs. 
  • Accelerates data assimilation from multiple applications and assembles and scales data extracts from applications with advanced data management.
  • Provides scalability to speed up digital transformation
  • Protects existing investments on on-premise and SaaS systems by efficiently linking data and operations across applications. 

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