Are you a Developer who is supporting Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications?
Then this tool is for you. Use the Excel SQLEdge capabilities to dig deeper into the Cloud ERP data to run Adhoc Queries.

Curious yet? Try now, it is a free tool.

Why Orbit Excel SQLEdge?

Access ERP Database Using Excel

This solution allows you to explore data underlying application transactions, dashboards, and reports and leverage Excel functionalities at the same.

You can use this extension to:

  • Perform sophisticated data comparison between the development instance and production instance of the Oracle Application.
  • Run custom SQL Queries, generate reports, and analyze data.
  • Use the power of Excel to do data comparisons.
  • Perform data analysis within the spreadsheet.

Rather than spending your time on extracting data, spend it on analyzing it.

Download Excel SQLEdge and

Try Now, it is a Free Tool.

Setups to Run SQL Queries Directly from Excel

Excel Add-in Ribbon (Orbit SQLEdge)

  • Configure the Fusion Cloud Applications connection as a data source.
  • Next, click the editor icon to write and execute an SQL Query against the Fusion data sources.
  • Click the ‘Export to Worksheet’ option to fetch the data into the worksheet.

Benefits of Orbit SQLEdge

An Excel Add-in (It is as easy as it gets)

A lightweight Excel add-in that enables the SQL editor to be used from anywhere and on any computer. Add the plug-in to Excel and start using it.

The convenience of SQL Query editor

Write SQL queries to retrieve data from Oracle Fusion Cloud, and no additional specialized skills are required.

Query Results can be Analyzed in Excel

Data can be exported to Excel for further analysis or downstream requirements.

Take your SQL Query reporting for Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP to the next level.