Embedded Analytics

Orbit’s Embedded Analytics solution has been purpose-built to make it simple for product managers at SaaS and other software companies to embed BI capabilities into their applications. With our solution, you can focus on building your product features and functionalities, while using our tool to help users create dashboards, reports and charts.

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Customized Analytics Experience

Today, customers and business users of software products are looking for an easy way to derive insights from data. Orbit offers a completely white-labeled analytics solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your product. Offer your customers a collection of pre-built dashboards and analytical models. Also, allow them to customize and build additional models.

Works at Scale

One of Orbit’s specialties is that it works at scale. For that reason, it is one of the most popular operational reporting and analytics solutions in the market. Orbit Embedded BI will work irrespective of the scale of your SaaS product and can support data analytics for data from millions of users.
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Embed BI Into Any Tech Stack

Orbit’s Embedded Analytics solution works with any kind of tech stack and is designed for end-to-end data security and governance. It seamlessly integrates through secure APIs and gives you complete control over what kind of dashboards or reports you want to add to your product.

Deploy on Any Cloud or On-Premise

Irrespective of whether your SaaS product is hosted on AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Azure or any other cloud service provider, you can embed Orbit’s BI solution in your application with ease.

Connect to Any Data Source

Today, customers use a wide-range of software products including SaaS-based purpose-built products and legacy on-premise solutions. These applications integrate with each other seamlessly. With Orbit embedded BI, it is easy to connect data from multiple sources and bring it all together into your app.

Support for Both Single-Tenant and Multi-Tenant Architecture

Our solution offers multi-tenancy capabilities, so it is easy to manage various tenants who share the same infrastructure. Of course, it works just as well for single-tenant applications.

Embedded Analytics Makes Life Easy for Everyone

Data Leaders

While companies are implementing SaaS-based solutions primarily with automation in mind, the data residing in a software product is extremely useful. Generating insights from data in your app is a key value-addition.

Product Leaders

Product leaders can now add additional data and analytics capabilities to their applications, without too much additional work.

Sales Leaders

Your product’s analytics capabilities may be the deal-clinching factor for your business. Use Orbit’s Embedded BI to add that X-factor to your SaaS offering.
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