Subject Areas

1,000+ Pre-built reports and data models for real-time, self-service reporting and analytics directly from Oracle E-Business suite and Oracle Cloud ERP (Fusion) applications. Tackle important business questions and make decisions informed by data.


Account Payables (AP)

Analytics Models
  • AP: Invoices
  • AP: Payments
  • AP: Vendors
Operational Models (Sample List)
  • AP: Batch Control Report
  • AP: Check Register Listing
  • AP: Invoice Activity Report
  • AP: Invoice Aging
  • AP: Invoice Audit Report

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Procurement (PO)

Analytics Models
  • PO: Requisitions
  • PO: Purchase Orders
  • PO: Receipts
Operational Models (Sample List)
  • PO: Invoices
  • PO: Invoice Payments
  • PO: Item Detail Listing Report
  • PO: Open Purchase Orders by Buyer
  • PO: Releases

Project Management (PM)

Projects / Grants (PA / GA)

Analytics Models
  • PA: Assets
  • PA: Allocations
  • PA: Revenues
  • PA: Invoices
Operational Models (Sample List)
  • PA: Allocation Transactions Report
  • GA: Award Listing
  • PA: Capital Projects Summary Report
  • PA: Expenditure Details Report
  • PA: Projects Revenue Report

Human Capital Management (HCM)

Human Resources (HR)

Analytics Models
  • HCM: Employee Analysis
  • HCM: Employee Movements
  • HCM: Absences
  • HCM: Recruitment
  • HCM: Terminations
  • HCM: Compensation
Operational Models (Sample List)
  • HR: Employee New Hire Report
  • HR Headcount Employee List
  • HR: Employee Salary Details Report
  • HR: Employee Grade Step Report
  • HR: Job Details Report
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