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OATUG Sponsored Webinar - REPORTING VS. ANALYTICS: What’s the Difference and Which Tool is Right for Which Job?

Users in every organization rely on Reporting and BI tools for actionable insights from their Oracle ERP applications. However, many organizations struggle to understand the difference and the use cases for each. They continue to try and use BI Analytics tools to answer Reporting Tool questions that demand real-time answers, sometimes even replacing the end-of-life reporting solutions with existing BI Analytics tools. In the process, they spend countless dollars and IT resources to write reports without realizing that most reporting tools allow users to create their own reports. The prevailing best practice is to free up IT to focus on data governance, reporting standards rather than owning all aspects of reporting, including gathering of business requirements, and report creation and modification. Join this webinar to learn strategies that have helped other Oracle customers from around the world to adopt a self-service, real-time reporting tool that works out of the box.

Unified Reporting from Oracle EBS, Oracle Cloud and Beyond

When it comes to reporting across cloud and on-premises data sources like Oracle EBS and PeopleSoft, business users still struggle to have their basic questions answered. But you don’t have to leave your on-premises or other data sources out of the equation when delivering operational reporting and analytics to users.

This on-demand webinar explains how you can meet the challenges of an ever-growing inventory of data sources by unifying reporting across cloud and on-premises data sources.

Dealing with a Desupported EBS Reporting Tool like Oracle Discoverer?

Users in every organization rely on Reporting and BI tools for actionable insights from their Oracle ERP applications. However, many organizations are still using tools such as Discoverer, OBIEE 11g, and Brio (Hyperion Interactive) that are no longer being supported by Oracle. Customers are finding out that these tools don’t work when upgrading to Oracle 19c or with Oracle 12.2.x or when they migrate to Oracle Cloud ERP applications.

Join this webinar to hear from industry experts and learn strategies that have helped other Oracle customers from the US to Australia to adopt a self-service, real-time reporting application, that is fully integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite and ERP Cloud (Fusion) applications.

Accelerating Data Insights With Cloud BI

Markets move fast, and the volume of data that organizations face is growing faster every day. The quest for real-time analytics insight is getting more difficult right at the time organizations need it to get easier.

The cloud can help resolve this conundrum. A move to the cloud makes business intelligence accessible and affordable.

In this on-demand webinar, we cover the challenges organizations face from the ever-growing volume of data inputs and discuss options for hosting on the cloud – and a path to get you there.

Have You Reached Your Excel Breaking Point?

Excel is the lingua franca of spreadsheets, but also likely the oldest technology on your desktop. In fact, it’s the baby boomers’ choice for business intelligence. And while it’s a powerful tool in the right hands, it can pose risks and inefficiencies to your organization. So, when is it time to break up with Excel?

This on-demand webinar discusses the liabilities (and some benefits) of using Excel and demonstrates several modern analytics alternatives, including self-service BI and languages like Python and R.

We cover the good, the bad and the ugly, so you can decide for yourself how your organization should be using Excel today.

HR Analytics: What Is Your Data Saying About Your People?

The most valuable assets in an organization are its people. Some of the many questions that need to be answered about your workforce are: ‘Did I hire the right talent?’ ‘Why are employees leaving my organization?’ ‘Is employee performance being optimized?’ HR departments have considerable amounts of data that can answer those questions, but what are the keys to gaining insights into this data?

In this on-demand webinar, we dive into the data stories from five HR dashboards to see what additional insights you can uncover from your data:

  • Equal employment opportunity and diversity initiatives
  • Absenteeism
  • Employee attrition
  • Performance
  • Requisitions and vacancies

Hiding in Plain Sight: Achieving Analytical Insights from PeopleSoft

You have years of valuable data in PeopleSoft, but are you obtaining insights from that data? In this webinar, we’ll help you see – and tell – the data stories that are hiding in your metrics. We’ll cover topics like:

  • Combining data from PeopleSoft with other data sources
  • Optimizing ad hoc reporting
  • Exploring data with interactive visualizations
  • Mitigating compliance and security risks
  • Creating compelling data narratives with analytics

This webinar will help you evaluate your requirements as you evolve your PeopleSoft reporting towards analytics and cloud solutions.

Unlock Insights to Maximize the Full Potential of Your Oracle EBS Data

Your organization is invested in Oracle E-Business Suite, but have you been able to keep pace with the demand for modern reporting and analytics?

BI Publisher, Oracle FSG, Discoverer… these are just a few in a long list of reporting tools you may have to support. But are they delivering the insights you need to make data-driven decisions? To be successful, today’s organizations need to add more power to their EBS reporting.

In this webinar, we’ll evaluate your options for extending your E-Business Suite reporting and demonstrate capabilities required by modern BI solutions, such as:

  • Self-service reporting and analytics
  • Multi data source access
  • Collaboration and sharing
  • Mobile reporting
  • Advanced analytics

Revolutionize Your Oracle Discoverer Reporting to Maximize ROI

Executive leaders can’t always see the ROI of replacing legacy reporting tools like Discoverer. But what at first looks like an ordinary project to address your Discoverer exposure can transform your operational reporting and set the stage for your organization’s analytics success. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how a new generation of reporting tools can:

  • Deliver an engaging, self-service experience to business users.
  • Connect to multiple data sources to accommodate your growing data landscape.
  • Provide the full range of rendering and delivery options, from dashboards to pixel-perfect reports, and beyond.
  • Deliver secure, live data to Excel users.
  • Improve organizational ROI with modern analytics.

This webinar also covers best practices to ensure your Discoverer migration success.

BI vs. Operational Reporting – What’s the Difference?

Ever wondered what the real differences are between Operational Reporting and Business Intelligence? They’re all just data reports, right? In this webinar, we will uncover the differences between Operational Reporting and Business Intelligence using real world business scenarios. You will leave with an understanding of how to think about each to better interpret your data, and how this can impact the outcome of your business decisions – whether your data is coming from Cloud or on-premise ERPs, applications such as Taleo, Salesforce, SharePoint, or other data sources built on Oracle, SQL Server, mySQL, AS/400 (DB2), etc. – or any and all these!

Tips and Tricks for Improved Data Visualizations, Charts, and Graphs

This webinar will cover how business users with a variety of data, can display and analyze the information in a meaningful visual format. Attendees will gain a basic understanding of pivot-based charts, and more advanced outputs such as bubble, tree-map, box-plots and geospatial chart outputs. Additionally, this session will explain business use cases of utilizing these powerful data visualizations.