There is a difference between BI application roles and Business application roles. It is not recommended to mix these roles together. The best practice is to enforce data security and governance on top of Business applications roles and enforce BI permissions leveraging delivered BI application roles or creating custom BI application roles based on your organizational requirements.

Business Roles

Human Resources

The staff in these roles are primarily responsible for employee recruiting, onboarding, executing strategic plans like reorg and producing ad-hoc headcount reports for senior management. They are also responsible for collecting and maintaining all information related and necessary for payroll, maintaining performance review, employee schedules etc.

Orbit BI roles


The base-level role with permissions to run and schedule existing reports and dashboards Users granted with role will not be able to create new reports but will be able to create and save insights on top of operational reports. The insights are based on concept, operational report as a datasource and users are able to analyze the data further and bookmark run these insights on a regular basis.



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