Orbit brochures are authoritative information presented as data sheets, these data sheets inform you concisely about a topic in brief that is meant to help you connect or understand an issue you might be currently facing or trying to find a solution for, these guides help in decision making.

Orbit Overview

Orbit has been designed to be omniscient with reporting and analytics requirements in operational, financial and strategic contexts. Orbit comes with a complete set of features allowing IT to model and govern a seamless single source of truth while empowering users across the enterprise to be self-reliant no-code to low-code self-service features. Download this brochure to learn more!


Discoverer Replacement

Organizations worldwide have relied on Oracle Discoverer for the reporting component of their ERP applications. Now that the tool is no longer supported by Oracle, what options are there for replacing Discoverer? This brochure overviews the challenges and opportunities of migrating from Discoverer, and the pros and cons of five common replacement options. Also includes a checklist for your Discoverer migration project.


Orbit Financial Reporting

Orbit GLSense, a purpose-built software for finance users provides a 360° view of data from the general ledger to the supporting details in sub ledgers. Directly integrated with ERP financial applications like Oracle Cloud ERP, Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle NetSuite to build financial statements and expedite your reconciliation and close processes.


Orbit GL Sense

Orbit’s GLSense add-in for Excel makes it faster and easier for finance users to perform reconciliations and period-end closes. This brochure explains how GLSense delivers more functionality for Oracle Cloud Financials than Smart View, and can be used with EBS and NetSuite ERPs too.