Orbit Reporting and Analytics gives you a faster, easier way to create PeopleSoft reports. You need real-time access to your data to maintain a clear picture of your operations. But you may find it challenging to create, customize, and modify PeopleSoft reports, perform ad hoc analysis, or drill down to detailed data – without relying on IT.

And reporting tools such as PS Query, Nvision, SQR, and BI Publisher have their own limitations. They often require you to seek technical assistance every time you want to build or edit a report. But you can’t afford to wait days – or weeks – for IT to get back to you when you need immediate answers.

Create Ad-Hoc Reports in Just Minutes

Orbit is a self-service reporting solution that allows you to run ad hoc reports directly from PeopleSoft – no IT expertise required. If you have a question, Orbit can help you find an answer now. Orbit offers:

  • The ability to create, customize, and analyze PeopleSoft ad hoc reports. These reports can include human capital management, financial management, supply chain management, supplier relationship management, and more.
  • A report canvas with drag and drop item rearrangement, codeless data binding, and other tools that help you quickly create reports based on your ERP data.
  • A developer-friendly environment for creating and editing interactive, ad hoc reports. Orbit stores all of your reports in an accessible repository, so you can easily share your PeopleSoft data with others.
  • Integration with Microsoft Excel, including support for native document and presentation formats, formulas, charts, macros, data refreshes, and pivot tables.
Advantages of Orbit Reporting and Analytics

Keep Your Data Secure

You might be hesitant to switch reporting platforms or add new tool to your existing Peoplesoft applications. Any change to your technology could result in security gaps that leave you vulnerable to threats. If you are going to make a switch in reporting platforms, it is imperative that you know you are making a secure choice for your business.

Orbit leverages the same security features such as users, roles as Oracle PeopleSoft. When a user logs into Orbit, they will need to enter same credentials of PeopleSoft. This ensures that they only see data that is relevant to their role.


Combine On-Premise data with the Power of Cloud Applications

Companies that complement their on-premise applications with cloud-based applications such as Oracle Cloud ERP, Netsuite, SalesForce or Taleo often face a common reporting challenge — their ERP, HR, payroll, and finance data may not be well integrated.

Orbit brings this important data together by integrating your Oracle Cloud and on-premise PeopleSoft applications. This allows you to quickly access data from different areas of your business, so you can reduce the risk of making decisions that are based on a partial view of your operations.

Create Interactive Analytics for PeopleSoft

Go beyond Peoplesoft’s native chart types to tell the story of your data using modern visualizations like maps and bubble charts. Our modern drag-and-drop interface makes analytic dashboard creation fast and easy for your entire staff.

Projects Dashboard

Build Pixel-Perfect Reports

One place for all your reporting. With Orbit’s built-in Publisher, you can create enterprise-grade analytic reports and dashboards combining PeopleSoft data with all of your other data. Rapidly generate your month-end reporting, and push output to Excel or any other template.



Achieving Analytical Insights from PeopleSoft