Cloud BI – Software As A Service (SAAS)

Cloud-based software capabilities have come a long way. They offer huge potential for cost benefits and operational efficiencies that on-premises solutions can’t provide. Orbit Analytics is available on AWS, Azure, Google and Oracle infrastructures continuously benefiting from cutting-edge technology.

Operational cost

Pay only for what you need and what you use. Take advantage of an Opex model to reduce upfront capital expenses.

Cutting edge technology

Businesses don’t need to worry about performance, scalability, or application maintenance. Orbit Managed Services ensures high availability and ease of application maintenance.


Cloud-based solutions have become more sophisticated in handling application security, enabling safer information sharing from multiple sources without compromising data security.

TCO 101: How to get the most out of your reporting and analytics solutions


TCO 101

How to Get the Most Out of
Your Reporting and Analytics Solutions

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Orbit Analytics

Orbit Analytics