1st June 2020
Impact of Covid 19 on Business Organization
COVID 19 and Your Enterprise Project
6th May 2020
Software Customization
What’s the Problem with Software Customization?
15th November 2019
Data Modeling for Business
Data Modeling for Business Users
8th October 2019
Sustainability and Organizational Performance
Sustainable Computing: An Emerging Priority for IT
1st October 2019
Mental Health Issues of Software Developers
For Developers, Mental Health Challenges Abound
27th September 2019
Data Shame and Data Blame Examples
Data Shame and Data Blame
20th September 2019
Challenging Role of Chief Data Officer
The Challenging Role of the Chief Data Officer
1st August 2019
Tech Growth in Atlanta
Is Atlanta Still a Growing Tech Hub?
11th January 2019
Cognitive Computing
The Power of Cognitive Computing
11th December 2018
Employee Cynicism and New Applications
Employee Cynicism and New Applications
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