Taleo Integration

Gain a Better View of Your Most Important Asset
– Your Employees


Taleo Reporting Solution

Taleo by Oracle helps you optimize and track the sourcing, recruitment, development, and retention of company talent. But if you are not viewing this information in combination with other key business data, are you really seeing the whole picture? The more insights you have about your workforce and its impact on your company, the more you can improve employee performance, retention, and other key HR metrics.

Orbit integrates with Taleo using a Taleo Connect Client (TCC), enabling you to aggregate your Taleo HR information with data from other sources, such as your ERP and other key applications. It allows you to efficiently query, analyze, report on, and visualize data in an easy-to-understand way. When you combine data from multiple areas, you will gain a more complete view of your talent base and organizational needs. This helps you to make faster, smarter HR decisions.

Run Any HR Report With Just a Few Clicks

Orbit makes it easy to create in-depth, customized HR reports. You can base these reports on Taleo data or pull in HR data from multiple sources. Orbit offers:

  • Simple, intuitive ad hoc reports.
  • Pre-built models, so you can drag and drop your data as needed.
  • Advanced analytics to uncover trends and patterns.
  • A 100% web-based interface, so you can access data when you are on the go.
  • The same high level of security that is available in Taleo.
Cloud-Based Access
Taleo Integration

Take Control of Your Reporting

With Orbit, you don’t need to rely on IT whenever you want to create or change a report. You can do your own reporting directly from Taleo. Your reports can include data on recruiting, performance, onboarding, and other HR areas.

Are your monthly employee performance management and development KPIs due in five minutes? No problem. Simply log into Orbit. Based on your user profile, you can locate and submit your pre-configured KPI dashboard containing interactive drill-downs by the department. And you will still have time to grab a coffee before you meet with the CEO.

Does your customer service director want to see the top three candidates for your new call center position, and compare their recruitment profiles with those of her highest-performing employees? With just a few clicks, you can run the data that she needs to inform her hiring decisions.

Present Your Data in Clear Visuals

Orbit gives you the data that your co-workers need – in the formats that they prefer.

For example, you can export to and share Excel spreadsheets with people who need to see all of the numbers. Or you can take the same data and turn it into charts, graphs, and other visuals that communicate the story your data is telling.

Effectively Plan for the Future

Go beyond simple headcount and talent acquisition reports. Orbit delivers predictive analytics, such as indicators that correlate to talent sourcing needs or employee turnover, so you can develop strategies to prepare for your business’ future needs.

Are You Ready to Drive More Business Value from Your Taleo Data?

Discover why companies across many industries rely on Orbit to get more from their data.