The Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud (Taleo) is a data-enriched talent management software suite that helps organizations find, develop and retain prime talent.

Taleo History

Oracle acquired this cloud-based talent management software in 2012, though it was founded in 1999 by RecruitSoft. It originated as a recruitment software vendor, but the company eventually expanded into other aspects of talent management.

Prior to its acquisition, Taleo was the leader in talent management because of its social media analytics capabilities.

Taleo Suite

Oracle offers the Taleo Suite in two versions, each designed for different business sizes and needs. Generally, the suite offers modules for onboarding, recruiting, performance management, training, succession planning and compensation. Also included are recruitment and referral functionality with features to automate and streamline these processes.

The Taleo platforms include:

  • Recruiting Cloud Service: This platform allows recruiters and hiring managers to keep track of applicants and save money on recruitment. Managers can easily access applicant tracking data and recruiting information from anywhere with an internet connection via a mobile device. It relies on social media sourcing tools and integrates with productivity tools.
  • Onboarding Cloud Service: This platform helps new hires onboard successfully with a custom new-hire portal for storage of new information and a recruiter dashboard so that recruiters can monitor issues and progress during the onboarding process.
  • Performance Management Cloud Service: This platform allows managers to write and track performance reviews and set goals for employees that align with business goals. It also streamlines the review process by providing guidance with performance reviews. The platform offers multiple customization features, such as email integration, customizable forms and a talent browser.
  • Learn Cloud Service: Companies often invest in their employees’ training and development for retention and future success. This platform offers customizable training and development for both new and current employees. Features with this platform include blended learning plans, online content management, sub-portals and social learning. Companies in e-commerce can also gain revenue by offering courses to vendors or outside sources.
  • Succession Planning Cloud Service: This platform is exclusive to enterprise customers. It offers guidance for managers and recruiters to fill roles that are currently or soon-to-be vacated by current employees. With this tool, hiring managers can evaluate internal candidates to determine the best person for a role or make the decision to look outside the company for new applicants.