We’re the Real-Time
Reporting and Analytics Experts

Why We Founded Orbit

In 2006, a group of Oracle executives with more than 80 years of combined experience in ERP reporting and business intelligence founded Orbit. They did so because they realized that something was wrong with most reporting and analytics applications.

Most platforms were designed for IT developers – not for the business users who rely on them for their daily reporting and analytics needs. Whenever an end user wanted to do something as simple as create an ad-hoc report, they would need to submit a ticket to their IT department. Then they had to wait for a developer to build it. If the IT team was swamped, the end user would need to wait days – or even weeks. Meanwhile, IT teams faced constant backlogs with requests to build or modify reports.

As a result, users often received reports that failed to answer their questions promptly. This ineffective way of doing things harmed all of their business functions.

Orbit’s leaders knew there was a better way…

The need for on-demand, data-driven decision-making required companies to empower their business users with self-service reporting and analytics. The solution must integrate all of their key data sources in real-time – and be accessible from any device or platform.

To meet the needs of these business users, the executives assembled a team of senior architects to build Orbit (Operational Reporting and Business Intelligence Technology). The Orbit platform allows users to create interactive reports, dashboards, and visualizations on demand – while working within the data governance and security rules established by their IT organization.

What We Do, Who We Are

At Orbit, our mantra is “Powered by knowledge, driven by values.”

And customer satisfaction is our #1 value. We are passionate about understanding our customers’ challenges and implementing solutions that help them achieve their operational reporting and analytics goals. In the end, we help them access the information they need, when they need it, so they can make informed business decisions.

Innovation is in our DNA. As we continue to expand the Orbit platform, we know that innovation produces the best outcomes when we work alongside our customers. We are committed to helping them harness the power of their data so that they can drive business performance.

You will see many of our employees presenting at conferences, as well as sharing their expertise on the web and at events around the globe. We never stop learning. We continuously meet with customers and prospects to listen to the real-world challenges that they face. We also participate in industry conferences and thought leadership forums to keep pace with the fast-evolving business intelligence industry.

But we are more than just reporting, analytics, and business intelligence experts. The people on our global team pursue a range of passions – from music to hiking to volunteering with international charities. Members of our team have run marathons in different continents and even climbed some of the world’s most challenging mountains – including Mt. Kilimanjaro! And we are also fluent in more than a dozen languages!

Where We’re Headed

Orbit is rapidly expanding, with offices and partners located across the United States, Australia, Asia Pacific, and Europe . We are proud to work with, and continually add, global partners who help us offer even greater value for our growing customer base.

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