Orbit Deployment Options

A Deployment Model That Scales to Meet Your
Business, IT, and Security Needs


Orbit Deployment Options

Orbit Reporting and Analytics offers flexible delivery models to meet your business and IT needs. Deploy Orbit Reporting and Analytics on-premises or in the cloud. You can also embed Orbit within your proprietary software to deliver real-time business insights to users.

Which Deployment Model Is Right for You?

Like so many IT questions, the answer is it depends

Do you have specific IT, security, or compliance requirements? If so, do they call for you to keep your reporting and analytics data within the four walls of your company or data center? Does your company prefer to capitalize your infrastructure upfront costs and lower your future operational costs? Do you have the required staff and resources to support the technology in-house? If you answered, yes to these questions, you might consider an on-premises deployment with Orbit.

Do you currently host your business applications in the cloud? Do you have strategic or infrastructure requirements that focus on cloud deployment alternatives? Does your company prefer to spread your hardware and software costs over five or more years? Or, maybe you need to quickly scale your reporting and analytics capabilities to meet new business demands? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, Orbit Cloud BI might be the best way for you to achieve your goals.


On-Premises Deployment with Orbit

With Orbit, you can harness the power of real-time reporting and analytics within your existing IT infrastructure. You control everything –from your hardware to data security and governance – while you empower users with self-service reporting.

Here’s how Orbit helps you make the most out of your data:

Keeping your data and reporting within your own four walls doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice the latest features. This full-featured on-premises deployment takes advantage of all of Orbit’s functionality, including:

  • Self-service reporting and analytics
  • Interactive dashboards and visualizations
  • Integration with your on-premises and cloud applications, as well as data warehouses
  • The ability to integrate with your company portal, such as SharePoint
  • And much more!

Orbit connects with all of your on-premises and cloud applications, as well as standalone data sources such as data warehouses, spreadsheets, and more.

The idea with Orbit is power combined with simplicity: You point us to the data, and we integrate and aggregate it from the source systems.

Orbit enables users to create and run reports under a strong governance framework established by your IT organization. Orbit’s well-defined administration processes help you achieve this balance of flexibility and security.

System administrators can monitor and manage security permissions (roles, users, privileges, etc.) within Orbit. Pre-built integrations with ERP applications allow you to grant or revoke permissions in your ERP. Then, any changes that you make automatically reflect in Orbit.

Orbit Cloud BI Deployment

If you want to run your reporting and analytics solution in the cloud, Orbit has you covered. Orbit Cloud BI enables the same suite of functionality that is available in on-premises Orbit deployments. You can access all of your reports and key business analytics – anywhere and anytime – for on-demand reporting and business insights.

Orbit Cloud BI is a complete, web-based solution that you can deploy on any server and application tier. It offers:

With Orbit’s secure interface, all of your analytics and insights remain safely at your fingertips, and your fingertips alone. Orbit Cloud BI leverages multiple security layers, including user authentication, encryption, and IP address restrictions. You can also employ role and user profile settings to restrict data that you don’t want others to see.

Sometimes you need to make quick decisions without being tied down to your desk. When your dashboards live in the cloud, users can easily access key business metrics from any device at any time. Our mobile integration gives users the speed and flexibility to view critical data on the go.

Orbit Cloud BI is the full version of our self-service reporting and analytics platform. Users can take advantage of all of Orbit’s features – from interactive dashboards to enhanced data visualizations. You can create, share, and distribute reports and dashboards with the same ease as customers using Orbit on-premise.

Orbit Reporting and Analytics is a multi-tenant solution, from the ground up. You can have one install of Orbit’s software and safely use it to service the reporting needs of multiple internal or external clients. Orbit, when deployed in a multi-tenant environment, also enables complete segmentation of data, reports, and security rules.

There are several use cases for deploying Orbit in a multi-tenant environment. For example, companies may have a business unit that provides healthcare related products, as well as another business unit that provides aviation products (such as General Electric). In this type of scenario, customers may want to deploy Orbit and have the complete segmentation of their transactional data, reports, users, etc. between these two very distinct business units.

Orbit Embedded: Add Powerful Reporting and Analytics to Your Proprietary Software

Your applications meet your customers’ important needs and, in the process, generate a wealth of transactional data that can help them gain valuable business insights and improve their performance.

When you embed Orbit into your existing applications as a white-labeled product, you can give users the full power of a business intelligence platform – but with the same look and feel of your familiar software. Users can benefit from relevant visualizations and analytics within your application screens – without even knowing that they are using an embedded application.

Orbit connects with more than 200 leading business applications using our Java-based integration and embedding protocols. Our integration team will work with you to embed Orbit into your application so that you can achieve a quick and seamless integration.

Honeywell Intelligrated

“Orbit has made our lives easier. It’s very easy to use, manage and support. Our development time for creating reports has decreased dramatically. My business users are happy because they can use the tool themselves and get their reports quickly.”

NAMITA JINDAL  |  Senior IT Application Delivery Manager
Intelligrated Systems – A Honeywell Company

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