Why Choose Orbit Data Pipelines for Redshift?


Elevate your data management, automation, and workflow optimization with one data management solution

With our automated Data Pipelines, we’ve got your data covered! We make it super easy to pull in data from Oracle Cloud ERP, clean it up, and deliver high-quality, analysis-ready data directly to Amazon Redshift or your cloud or on-premise data warehouse.

Unified Data Ingestion and Transformation with Efficient Data Pipelines for Fusion Cloud Applications

Nothing simplifies the data journey like Orbit Data Pipelines – start by adding source connectors from various data sources and linking them to a destination. It is extremely easy to create an Orbit data pipeline to ingest data, transform it, and deliver it automatically to Amazon Redshift.

Features and Capabilities 

Orbit’s Data Pipelines provides a seamless and efficient integration solution to move data from Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications to a central data warehouse for BI and analytics. It is an ideal solution for complex data processing workloads, with reliability and high availability without complex coding.


Data Source Connectors

Seamlessly connect and integrate data from multiple sources, including enterprise databases, APIs, and cloud platforms. Enable data ingestion and extraction processes, facilitating authentication, authorization, data security, and interface management.

Secured Data Pipelines

Orbit’s pre-built Oracle Fusion cloud pipelines adapt seamlessly to evolving schema and API requirements, ensuring your data integrity and consistency. Orbit Fusion Cloud Data pipelines support full and continuous incremental data loading from your Oracle Cloud Applications like Oracle Cloud ER, Oracle Cloud HCM, Oracle Cloud SCM, and more. Orbit Scheduler helps to schedule the pipelines to continuously load data.

Secured Data Pipelines

99.99% Reliability

Our commitment to reliability sets us apart. We are relentless in rigorously testing and 24×7 monitoring of your data pipelines, ensuring robust performance and making it a dependable choice for your data management needs.

Real-time Data Streaming with Faster Insights

Experience the power of real-time data streaming with Orbit Data Pipelines, enabling you to make decisions based on up-to-the-minute insights. Our data pipelines are designed for intuitive and swift setup, allowing your team to gain direct access to timely insights without the hassle of complex data collection.

Real-time Data Streaming with Faster Insights
ROI and Cost Optimization

ROI and Cost Optimization

Empower your team to optimize data processing costs through resource management, robust cost monitoring, and the flexibility to pause or scale resources as needed. This efficient resource utilization ensures that your data operations are streamlined and budget-friendly.

Secure, Reliable Oracle Fusion Cloud Data Pipelines for Redshift