Today, companies are looking for solutions that will reduce the time taken for going from raw data to actionable insights. Speed and agility have become the need of the hour for data-enabled decision-making.

One key feature users are missing after migrating to Oracle Fusion Applications is Ability to query the data as needed. With Orbit SQL DirectQuery, both developers and power users, who are familiar with SQL can easily and centrally maintain, share and reuse scripts as SQL queries to create extract data for adhoc reporting. It is also a tool that makes it easy to extract data from multiple data sources like Legacy E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft ..etc.

Orbit’s Operational Reporting solution is designed for business users, with top-notch self-service capabilities. From a data management, governance, and security standpoint it is a proven solution used by some of the world’s largest corporations. Orbit has served customers across industries including financial services, retail, manufacturing & industrial, hi-tech, and public sector enterprises.

Why Orbit for Oracle Fusion Direct SQL Reporting

Orbit is an ideal solution for operational reporting, ad-hoc reporting and financial reporting as well. It is seamless and intuitive when it comes to ERP integration, scheduling reports, data security, and user authentication.

From an SQL reporting standpoint, the following capabilities make it one of the most sought-after solutions:

  • With Orbit, it’s easy to organize and store SQL queries 
  • The SQL editor is intuitive and it’ll help you keep your system tidy
  • You don’t have to store scripts on your individual machines 
  • These scripts come in handy for data validation
  • It becomes easy to filter results and spot errors 
Legacy Data Archival and Reporting strategy
Legacy Data Reporting for EBS

SQL Reporting from Disparate Data Sources

Orbit’s Operational Reporting tool seamlessly integrates with any ERP including Oracle Cloud ERP (Oracle Fusion) Applications, NetSuite, PeopleSoft, Taleo, Salesforce, Oracle EBS and many more.

Create Operational Reports

SQL DirectQuery makes it easy to maintain, share and resume scripts, and use SQL models to create reports or extract data. 

With Orbit, it is also easy to convert the DirectSql into Orbit reports, which can be shared with other users. Orbit also comes with pre-built reports in most of the Oracle Cloud ERP Applications.

Key Features of Orbit’s Operational Reporting Solution

For businesses that are using Oracle Cloud Applications like Oracle Cloud EP, Oracle Cloud HCM and Oracle Cloud SCM , Orbit offers an ideal solution for operational reporting. Some of the other key features of Orbit include – 

  • Self-service capabilities 
  • Orbit’s XLEdge Plugin makes it easy for business users to generate real-time reports from inside Excel 
  • Designed for data governance and data security
  • Orbit comes with several pre-built reports, in addition to allowing business users to generate personalized reports to gather operational insights 
  • With Orbit Fusion Pipelines, organizations can extract data into data warehouses
  • Users can build financial reports easily in Excel using Orbit GLSense for Oracle Cloud ERP

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