For businesses that are using Oracle Fusion Cloud, Orbit offers an ideal solution for BI and Analytics. Some of the key features of Orbit include – 

  • Monitoring KPIs: Through pre-built dashboards, it becomes easy to track key metrics on an ongoing basis with Orbit’s BI solution for Oracle Fusion Cloud 
  • Data Governance and Data Security: Orbit User Management for authentication and authorization comes with built-in integrations for leading ERP applications including Oracle ERP Cloud. This ensures data governance and security, while also making sure that insights garnered from data are available only to the users who have the necessary authorization. 
  • Collaborative BI: Orbit is designed for seamless collaboration, making it easy to share data and insights across teams and stakeholders. This is a critical capability, as cross-functional teams are able to spot trends and patterns from data a lot better with collaborative BI. 
  • Reduced Time-To-Insights: Business leaders are now looking for BI tools that reduce the time taken to go from data to insight. With Orbit’s ability to bring together data from multiple sources and data visualization features, it’s more efficient in terms of culling out insights from data. 

For businesses moving to Fusion, Orbit offers an ideal solution that can not only access real-time data available in Fusion but also historical data from EBS or any other ERP. This enables decision-makers to compare past and current data with ease, allowing them to garner comprehensive insights.

Why Orbit for Oracle Fusion Cloud Analytics

Orbit offers a modern analytics tool that is ideal for BI and analytics. From an analytics standpoint, Orbit offers self-service capabilities for business users – making it the preferred choice for decision-makers and functional heads who don’t want to rely too heavily on IT teams for BI. 

Orbit also comes with world-class collaboration and scheduling capabilities, making it efficient to get a holistic view of data and insights. Orbit also has Mobile BI capabilities, so it becomes easy to get analytical insights on the move. 

Several customers around the world – from Fortune 500 companies to fast-growing startups – choose Orbit for analytics from Oracle Fusion Cloud for the following reasons: 

  • Self-Service Capabilities 
  • Data visualization 
  • Ease of scheduling
  • Ability to go from data to insights with maximum efficiency
  • Embedded BI features
  • Dashboards 
  • Data Security and Governance 
  • Robust data management capabilities
Advantages of Orbit Reporting and Analytics

Key Advantages and Benefits of Using Orbit for Oracle Fusion Cloud Analytics

Analytics for HR, Operations, Finance and Supply Chain Teams

Oracle Cloud ERP (Fusion) is a next-generation ERP solution that enables enterprises to create and manage a wide range of business processes. The applications include various product families for Financial Management, HCM, CRM, and Supply Chain Management among others. With Orbit BI, business leaders and decision-makers can monitor KPIs and run analytics with ease across all these departments. 

Modern UX/UI 

Orbit is designed for user adoption, making it easy for business users across teams to take advantage of Orbit’s BI and Analytics capabilities. 

Data Privacy/Security

With Orbit, user authentication/authorization is a breeze. It is designed for various roles including end-users, super users, managers, executive leaders, admins, and developers. Therefore, companies don’t have to worry about data privacy issues or other user authentication problems. Users, based on their roles, have access to only data/insights they are allowed to view or edit. 

Collaborative BI and Holistic Analytics with Orbit

Orbit’s Business Intelligence tool is platform-agnostic and works with any ERP including Oracle Cloud ERP (Oracle Fusion) Applications, NetSuite, PeopleSoft, Taleo, Salesforce, Oracle EBS and many more. It is one of the most intuitive solutions for analytics from data in Oracle Fusion. 

Orbit’s Analytics solution facilitates collaboration across teams – removing data silos and presenting a holistic view. It truly democratizes data and is designed to handle very large volumes of data. The data grid functionality provides users with the ability to search, organize, and interpret data efficiently. 

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Orbit – A Preferred BI Solution for Oracle Cloud ERP

Business Intelligence has become critical today for enterprises to draw insights on data generated from across the company and make informed decisions to spur growth. 

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP integrates the different process flows within an organization, breaking siloes and unifying data to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of the business. Together, BI and ERP make a business agile and responsive to trends and changes, improving its chances of success. 

Orbit’s BI and Analytics solution is a cloud-native solution that integrates with Oracle Fusion Cloud to provide businesses with insights needed for faster and data-backed decision-making. With Orbit, it is easy to track KPIs, conduct analysis, spot trends, and collaborate with other team members to garner insights, all while ensuring data security and governance. 

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