Mobile Reporting

Dashboards, Reports, and KPIs on Your Mobile Device

Reporting and Publishing

Stay connected when you’re on the go. Orbit Reporting and Analytics gives you a secure way to access business data from your mobile device. For many employees, “going to work” no longer means sitting in a cubicle all day. 61% of employees now work outside of the office at least part of the time.

They rely on their mobile devices to access enterprise applications, view reports, and make decisions while they are traveling. According to a recent report, employees now use more than three devices to complete business tasks.

Orbit Reporting and Analytics allows you to securely access business intelligence – such as dashboards, KPIs, and reports – from any mobile device. The Orbit app is certified by both iOS and Android – giving you the security, speed, and flexibility you need to get things done when you’re on the go.

Reporting Analytics on Mobile Devices

Stay Connected at All Times

Orbit gives you full access to BI from your mobile device. You’ll get the same reporting and analytics tools that your co-workers use from their desktops – even if you’re thousands of miles from your office.

Orbit seamlessly integrates with your key business applications, so you can view data from across your company with just a few swipes. In addition to accessing custom reports on your smartphone or tablet, you also can access over 1,000 pre-built Orbit reports for HR, finance, supply chain, and other business areas.

Get a Clear View of Your Operations with Powerful Dashboards and Visualizations

When you’re on a mobile device, you can’t get bogged down with massive files. Orbit offers dashboards, charts, and other visuals that present data simply and intuitively.

These visualizations are extremely useful when you’re viewing a small screen and don’t have the bandwidth (or patience) to scroll through enormous spreadsheets.

Simply open your dashboard to stay on top of your latest metrics. From your dashboard, you can select any chart, graph, or other visual to drill down for deeper information.

Mobile Dashboard