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Managed Services

Orbit Reporting and Analytics offers managed services for all your Reporting and Business Intelligence needs. With our managed service offering, a customer does not have to worry about infrastructure or maintenance of their BI and analytics applications. We ensure that your BI environment is working at peak performance – without compromising on data security and governance norms set by your organization.

Ease of maintenance

Orbit’s Managed Services allows the client to focus on their BI needs, rather than worry about IT process and infrastructure requirements. Additionally, product and security upgrades are done with minimal effort from the customer.

Multiple Hosting Options include Oracle and AWS

The client has the option of choosing a hosting provider that works for them. Orbit Reporting and Analytics can be hosted on Oracle, AWS, or any other provider of your choice. All connections to your organization’s data are highly secure with HTTPS. Additionally, depending on your company’s IT infrastructure strategy, we use IPSec VPN and SSH Tunneling to secure ‘to and from’ connections to your databases.



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