For Finance Roles

See Your Complete Financial Picture with Ease

For Finance Roles

Build operational reports and financial statements based on data from all of your key financial applications. Orbit’s real-time sub-ledger and general ledger reports help you find answers to your questions, streamline your business processes, and proactively identify issues that can slow your month-end close

Most companies spend a week – or more – each month closing their books.

You may face reconciliation issues that cause delays, such as mismatched invoices or manual adjustments. However, you can’t afford delays when you’re under pressure to close books on time and report results to management or Wall Street.

Sound financial reporting can shave days off your manual reconciliation.

Data Analytics

With Orbit Reporting and Analytics, you can proactively find discrepancies in your ledgers. This helps you fix issues as they occur, so you can make your month-end reconciliation processes more predictable and efficient. Orbit can also help you streamline your operational and ad-hoc reporting and analytics across AP, AR, cash management, procure-to-pay, and other areas.

Get Operational Reports On Demand

Orbit comes with hundreds of pre-built reports for all financial applications such as AR, AP, procurement, cash management, fixed assets, and even supply chain. Orbit’s tight integration with these applications enables you to get real-time answers to your questions. With Orbit, you can easily create cross-application reports to support your procure-to-pay processes.

Build Financial Statements in Microsoft Excel

With Orbit, you don’t need to leave your trusted spreadsheet software to build financial reports. Simply use the “Get Balance” formula to create a new statement or import one from your ERP system.

Your statements will automatically populate with live data from your ERP and other financial applications – giving your real-time, reliable numbers.

Calendar - Shorten Your Close Cycle

Close Faster

Finding “surprises” at period-end can drag out your close processes for days. Orbit includes accelerators that show you when an issue will impact your month-, quarter-, or year-end close. Proactively identifying issues can help you close faster while reducing your risks.

Orbit also comes with more than 250 reports for financial subledgers. From these reports, you can view summary detail and then drill down to data on individual transactions. You can also output reports to Excel, PDF, or other sharable formats.

Keep Your Financial Data Secure

With Orbit, you don’t need to worry about the wrong eyes viewing your financial data. Orbit leverages the same role-based security policies as your ERP. If someone wants to view your data, they must first log in using their ERP credentials. This ensures that they will only see the data that they are allowed to see based on their role.