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Data Visualization: Dashboards

Orbit Reporting and Analytics brings all of your data together in real-time and interactive dashboards, so you can gain a clear view of your business – at a glance.

View Data from Across Your Company in a Single Dashboard

You don’t need to move between multiple applications to view and analyze data.

Orbit pulls real-time data from across your applications and databases into a single dashboard. Let’s say you want to understand your revenue by sales region, track actual vs. forecasted revenue, and monitor any returned products that will negatively affect your net revenue. Data from your CRM will provide some of this information, but likely not the full picture, as important details impacting revenue may come from your ERP application.

Orbit can aggregate data from your ERP, CRM, and in-house applications – giving you the complete story, and a single version of the truth.

Quickly and Easily Build Dashboards (Without Help from IT)

You no longer must submit a ticket with IT to view and analyze your data. Orbit’s self-service dashboards make it easy for you to see up-to-the-minute metrics and KPIs.

With Orbit, you can build and edit dashboards on demand. Creating a new dashboard is as easy as dragging and dropping items from your library into a blank canvas. You can then arrange or resize your charts and reports in a layout that best suits your needs.

Orbit’s dashboards support a range of charts – including data grids, KPIs, bar charts, pie charts, area charts, bubble charts, maps, and much more.

In addition, Orbit’s dynamic URL functionality allows you to embed dashboards into any other application. You can also export dashboards to PDFs, which makes them easy to share with others.

Drill Down Into Your Dashboards

With Orbit, you’re not limited to a quick snapshot of your company. You can drill down from summary-level data to the supporting transactional data, gaining real-time insights that will improve your decision-making.

For example, a map of the United States within a dashboard could contain interactive visualizations. If you click on the state of California on the map, you will see sales data that is specific to that state.

In addition, all of the other relevant visualizations in that same dashboard would also automatically drill down to California related data (such as, a Sales by Customer Segment chart will display California numbers, and a Sales vs. Profit graph will show you what products are selling across the state).

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Access Dashboard Anywhere

Access Any Dashboard, At Any Time, From Any Device

Orbit provides the speed and flexibility you need to access critical business information that helps you answer important questions. You can view all of your dashboards and reports from any device such as desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.