Maintain Tight Control Over Your Data Security

Data Security and Governance

Orbit Reporting and Analytics allows you to put strict data governance and security policies in place. With Orbit, you can control access to your data and comply with your company’s data security policies without adding administrative overhead.

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Data Governance

Don't Put Your Company at Risk

Employees rely on up-to-the-minute reports to learn what is happening in your company, so they can make data-based decisions. But giving them self-service access to reports could create data governance, security, and access issues that put your company at risk. You’ll face even greater threats if employees view sensitive reports on their mobile devices. What would happen if someone left an unlocked smartphone in a cab or a coffee shop? How can you prevent a breach if an employee’s tablet is stolen?

Orbit Reporting and Analytics lets you empower end users with self-service reporting – while you maintain tight control over your data.

Control Access to Your Data

Many reporting platforms give users unrestricted access to corporate data. But this feature doesn’t do you any favors – especially if you took the precaution of assigning people to roles in your ERP system. You simply can’t let your reporting software override your efforts and grant unauthorized users access to sensitive data.

Orbit allows you to govern how users access data and run reports so that you can meet your security and compliance requirements. Your IT team can define your policies, and users must comply with them to view data.

Orbit has built-in capability to support row level and column security. You can define role-based security rules in Orbit, so users with different access who run the same report will only see their respective data. For example, you can create rules that only allow certain roles, such as HR, to see employees’ sensitive information, while other roles can only see employee names.

Also, Orbit automatically syncs with your ERP system and pulls in the security rules and configured profiles of your existing user roles. When someone wants to access data or generate a report, they must first login with their ERP credentials. Then, they will only see the data that they are allowed to see as per your security rules.

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Keep Your Mobile Devices Secure

With Orbit, you don’t need to worry about strangers using your employees’ mobile devices and viewing your data. Orbit requires employees to log into their reporting app using their ERP credentials. If someone leaves your company, you can simply update their authorization in your ERP system, and Orbit will deactivate their account in real time.

Secure On-Premises, Cloud, and Embedded Deployments

Orbit offers the following flexible delivery models to meet your business, IT, and security needs:

  • With Orbit Enterprise, you can install your reporting and analytics platform directly within your existing infrastructure. This gives you the highest level of control over your deployment and might be the best option if your compliance and security policies mandate that data stays within your company infrastructure.
  • Orbit Cloud has all the latest security standards built in, so your analytics remain safely at your fingertips, and your fingertips alone. For example, you can use a private cloud setting to hide data that you don’t want others to see. You can also leverage commercial hosting security through AWS, Oracle, IBM, and other cloud services.
  • Embed Orbit into your proprietary software and use your existing security.

Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Data Security and Governance While You Empower Your End Users With Self-Service Reporting?

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