Connecting & Integrating

Integrate and Connect
All of Your Systems and Data

Connecting & Integrating

Orbit Reporting and Analytics connects with your key business systems, so you can harness the power of collective knowledge to make informed decisions.

Connecting and Integrating

Are You Seeing the Whole Picture?

Most companies have a wealth of data distributed across multiple business applications, ERPs, and other sources of transactional data. The explosion of enterprise data brings the challenge of aggregating information. If your data isn’t centralized, you can’t quickly find the facts that you need to make informed business decisions.

For example, companies are increasingly running both on-premise and cloud applications. But these applications often don’t talk to each other. If you want to report on a key aspect of your business, such as sales, you will need to manually pull data from different sources, such as CRM and order management applications. Not only is this process time consuming but it likely won’t produce all of the data that you need.

And many applications don’t let you do your own ad-hoc reporting. Most enterprise reporting tools are so complex that you need to ask IT for help every time you want to analyze data. But who has time to wait for IT to run or revise a report?

By the time you get your data – whether you collect it manually or request it from IT – it’s likely out-of-date.

View Any Data from Any Application

Orbit Reporting and Analytics comes with more than 200 integrators and database connectors that allow you to combine data from any system. With Orbit, you can gain instant access to data from across your company. This empowers you to quickly spot trends, identify opportunities, and make data-guided decisions with confidence. Orbit’s pre-built integrations include:

200+ Other Connections

Orbit connects you with all of your data – whether it resides on-premise or in the cloud. In fact, we support integrations with more than 200 leading business applications, as well as your company’s proprietary software.


How We Connect

Orbit’s pre-built integrators help you quickly deploy self-service reporting and analytics across your company. Since Orbit is platform-agnostic and database independent, you can integrate it with on-premise, cloud, or proprietary applications.

Orbit will work with any application that is built on Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) or Web Services standards – allowing you to access files in a variety of databases.

Since Orbit conforms with JDBC and Web Services, we can easily integrate with your environment. These standards allow us to quickly scale our adaptors so that we can connect with any platform upon request.

Stop Making Decisions
Based on Incomplete Data

Discover why organizations such as Sungard Availability Services and Honeywell rely on Orbit for complete, up-to-the-minute data.