Collaboration is the action of working with others to achieve a certain goal. With analytics, this can refer to two or more people using the same data set, working on the same report, or creating separate reports that relate to each other.

BI Tools Support Collaboration

BI tools are extremely valuable, and often necessary, to summarize and analyze data. Because of this, businesses rely heavily on BI tools to create data visualizations and reports to analyze trends. However, especially with large businesses, creating these reports is rarely a one-man job. Therefore, BI tools need to have the capability to support many people working on the same report.

Users Can Control Who Has Access to Reports and Data Sets

Some BI tools (including ORBIT Analytics) have security measures in place so that only certain people can access specific data and reports. However, users can give access to those who want to collaborate with them, allowing multiple people to work on the same report.

When a user uploads a data set, they can set the security of that set as well. In this way, multiple people can use the same data set, even when creating different reports. Not only does this make collaboration easier, but it also saves time so that only one user must upload an important data set.


Many BI tools have a Dashboard feature that displays multiple charts and graphs in one visual. These are also collaborative, as multiple people can upload their own visuals into the Dashboard and organize them to make a single final product.