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Case Studies

Orbit white papers are authoritative information presented as guides, these guides inform you concisely about a topic in detail that is meant to help you connect or understand an issue you might be currently facing or trying to find a solution for, these guides help in decision making.

How Orbit Reporting and Analytics seamlessly integrates with data on Amazon Redshift for Improved Insights.

At Orbit, we’ve worked with various enterprises that are leveraging emerging cloud-based data warehousing solutions like Amazon Athena, Redshift, Snowflake, and Google BigQuery to pull data from various sources – both on-prem and cloud. Learn in this whitepaper how Orbit’s BI, Reporting, and Analytics solutions with its data management and data modeling capabilities, coupled with the data jump feature for data extracts able to ensure a smooth process of pulling data from multiple sources.

AWS Redshift whitepaper

Looking to Migrate from OBIEE? Orbit Analytics is a perfect solution for Self-Service BI.

If you are on Oracle BI Enterprise Edition (OBIEE), it is a matter of time before you consider migrating to an alternative platform since Oracle is withdrawing support for some of the versions. You may be considering many options, including Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) or Oracle Analytics Server (OAS), which is what Oracle is suggesting. In this whitepaper, we highlight the key shortcomings of both OBIEE and OAC and discuss why enterprises need a self-service, agile and flexible solution like Orbit Reporting and Analytics.

OBIEE Whitepaper

GLSense: Integrated Financial Reporting for Excel Users

Orbit’s GLSense add-in for Excel makes it faster and easier for finance users to perform reconciliations and period-end closes. This fact sheet explains how GLSense delivers more functionality for Oracle Cloud Financials than Smart View, and can be used with EBS and NetSuite ERPs too.

GLSense: Integrated Financial Reporting for Excel Users - Download Fact Sheet

Elevate Your NetSuite Reporting and Analytics

Learn how you can move beyond basic Saved Searches and custom reports to obtain more insights from your NetSuite ERP. This whitepaper outlines some of the limitations in NetSuite reporting and analytics, and the key factors to consider when adding a BI tool to your NetSuite implementation.

Elevate Your NetSuite Reporting and Analytics - Download Whitepaper

Cloud BI: Accelerating Data Insights

As data volumes escalate, it is getting harder and harder to provide analytics in real- or close to real-time. Faced with multiple data sources and pressure from end users, many organizations are turning to the cloud to upgrade their analytics. This whitepaper explains how innovative cloud-based BI solutions can deliver analytics faster and more affordably.

Cloud BI: Accelerating data insights - Download Whitepaper

Transforming Your Data for Analytics: Three Options

When data exists in disparate formats across multiple data sources in the enterprise, data analytics is difficult if not impossible. This whitepaper describes three approaches to data aggregation and transformation for analytics: traditional data warehouse processing, data mashing, and federated queries. Learn the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

Transforming Your Data for Analytics: Three Options - Download Whitepaper

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Current Oracle E-Business Suite Applications

You want to maintain your investment in Oracle E-Business Suite, but you also face new challenges like new data sources and user demand for self-service reporting and analytics. This whitepaper lays out your options for both Oracle and third-party solutions, and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Current Oracle E-Business Suite - Download Whitepaper

Replacing Discoverer in Oracle E-Business Suite and Custom Applications

Organizations worldwide have relied on Oracle Discoverer for the reporting component of their ERP applications. Now that the tool is no longer supported by Oracle, what options are there for replacing Discoverer?

This whitepaper overviews the challenges and opportunities of migrating from Discoverer, and the pros and cons of five common replacement options. Also includes a checklist for your Discoverer migration project.

Replacing Discoverer in Oracle EBS & Custom Applications - Download Whitepaper

WHITEPAPER: 5 Steps to Helping Business Users Succeed with BI

Business intelligence is the key to digital transformation. But how can you ensure your users adopt a new BI application? This whitepaper covers five critical steps to promoting a data-informed culture by helping end users find value in their business intelligence application.

Cloud BI: Accelerating data insights - Download Whitepaper